English Language (Primary section)

Teaching Aims

Provide primary school learners with a wide range of context to

  • develop hearing impaired children positive attitudes towards the learning of English.
  • develop and improve their English Language Proficiency.
  • promote their personal and intellectual development and life-wide learning.
  • extend their understanding of other cultures through the English Medium
  • give hearing impaired pupils absolute opportunities in the development of receptive/productive patterns.

Teaching Objectives

  • create a language-rich environment
  • cultivate students’ reading habits
  • enhance students’ collaboration in learning
  • cater for individual learner diversity
  • cultivate students’ interests in learning English through activities

Curriculum Content

  • Text type(s)
  • Grammar items and structures
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Language skills
  • Generic skills
  • Values and attitudes

Curriculum Structure

See Appendix

Evaluation Strategies

  • Different modes of formative and summative assessment tasks for learning are used including tests, examinations, dictations, homework, extensive reading scheme, shared writing, projects, presentation, reading running record, student portfolios, learning tasks and activities.
  • Quality and instant feedback are provided to enhance learning.
  • Other assessment modes include observation, questionnaires, students’ self-assessment etc.

Website Recommendations

  1. Online English games
  2. Read along by Google
  3. Classroom activities
  4. Children’s story books
  5. Stories from the web
  6. Learn to read
  7. PBS Kids